“Connecting people to fix the world over time is the deepest spiritual value you can have.”

Craig Newmark – Founder, Craig’s List

collaborationConnecting Resources LLC is a teaching and coaching organization specializing in thought provoking and paradigm-shifting conversations designed to awaken the awareness of who you are, your purpose and the strengths you have to share.

The intention of Connecting Resources LLC is to provide an “emotional safe harbor” where respectful dialogue can occur, using that as a platform allowing people to go deep into the beliefs that they are using to live their lives. Once these beliefs are revealed, greater self-understanding occurs freeing them to function at a leadership level and ultimately connect as a resource for others.

Facilitated dialogues fall into two categories:  Essential Leadership Workshops and Soul Chats™.

ESSENTIAL LEADERSHIP WORKSHOPS are customized coaching and training programs built around that concept of knowing who you are and the strengths you specifically bring to the world. Stemming from the Latin word “esse” meaning “to be”, essential leadership comes from the power of knowing and authentically living who you are.

Soul Chats™ are facilitated discussions and study groups on any one specific topic intended to explore our ideas, gather information and create awareness. They address questions or ideas that come from deep inside our soul and challenge us to discuss it with others. Some topics are initiated by Connecting Resources, others are requested by you…creating an opportunity to draw together people who might also be seeking information or solutions for that same idea.

Connecting Resources LLC offers these facilitated discussions to individuals, team or groups who are ready to be THOUGHT LEADERS, people who are ready to step into leadership roles by authentically being who they are and joining others of like purpose to better serve the world.