Pam Pech
Founder, Connecting Resources LLC

”I want to discover who, if anyone, is gathering energy and doing something about the challenges we are facing, who is putting together a plan or a program, who is launching what effort to accomplish which goal.

I want to know this because I want to connect with these people. I want to use these resources. I want to increase my effectiveness as a spiritual helper by joining with others who are holding the same ideas I am nursing, and who are moving in the same direction I am going.”

Neale Donald Walsch – author of Part of the Change

NewPamPechConnecting Resources is not just my company…it is who I am, what I believe to be true and what I do.

It is the result of my belief that we are living in a significant, dynamic time when a convergence of ideas will reveal themselves as truth to those who are open to new concepts. I believe that we already hold that truth within us, but it has been veiled by what we were mistakenly taught to be true – not out of maliciousness, but out of misinterpretation and repetitive coloring of what was meant to be learned.

Connecting Resources is the result of my search for God – a God that the world can embrace rather than individual interpretations of God.

It is a result of my belief that because we already hold this truth within, we also have been given skills and wisdom to bring that knowledge forward in order to solve our own problems. That God given wisdom is what I call Essential Leadership…coming from the Latin word “esse” meaning “to be.” Knowing Who we are is critical in today’s world to allow our world to survive.

Connecting Resources is a result of my love of people, my faith journey, my teaching background, my fascination with the intersection of quantum physics and the mystical, my M.B.A, writing credentials, years in staffing and recruiting management and my many years of coaching individuals, churches, schools, children and small business owners to discover who they are. Those life experiences made me realize that my beliefs – whether they be while teaching, coaching businesses, or praying in church, had to be consistent 24/7 with who I am. I cannot be one person at work, another as a wife or parent and another while at church. It was essential to know what I believe, because what I believe will reveal itself in what I do. Through this process of becoming aware, I found my purpose.

Connecting Resources is me fulfilling that purpose: – helping individuals and groups to remember – through dialogue – why they are here, who they are; to “rediscover” their own truths, to realize the wisdom they have to offer and then helping them find the courage to execute their life purpose.

Because of my diverse career background, I have carried this concept through my business, education and spiritual dialogues. My “blogs” will reflect this belief whether it be business or personal. We are who we are 24/7, not segmented into different mes for different situations.

Together we learn how to move from intuitive wisdom to instrumental wisdom. All of this is done, one conversation and experience at a time. Connecting Resources is that forum, allowing you to do so in an emotionally safe space with support and tools to bring forward your truth.