joehinz_cropped“I participated in a series of workshops curated by Pam that were designed to educate audiology doctoral students about different aspects of managing a private practice. Pam is truly outstanding in her ability to bring a group of professionals together and moderate a meaningful, dynamic discussion for everybody at the table. Her words are never empty and she excels at giving a workshop thoughtful purpose and direction. Pam has connected me with exceptional professionals who are all passionate about their careers and motivated to help one another, especially students. Thanks to Pam’s workshops, I feel inspired and prepared for my first steps after graduation. I feel lucky to have had this opportunity and think all audiology students would benefit from this experience.”

Joe Hinz, Doctoral Audiology Student, Minnesota

jeremy keiker“Pam is the type of person we need more of in our communities, our professional networks and our circle of friends. She’s a thought leader in how our communities can prosper by educating our students, supporting our workforce and encouraging retirees to embrace life. She encourages people to fill their lives with true purpose and make a difference in every interaction. Her experiences as an educator, executive, workshop facilitator and networker enable her to facilitate meaningful discussions with professionals. She has a natural talent of connecting professionals based on their fundamental characteristics leading to more meaningful professional relationships. Her genuine nature makes her a great friend who’s willing to listen, provide advice and just share a good laugh. I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with Pam in all of the above aspects and feel truly blessed to know her.”

Jeremy Kiecker, C.P.A., Director
Pieper, Whitaker & Bjork, LLC

markderuiter“Many of us are focused on making connections through social media and other electronic platforms. Although these connections can be useful, working with Pam brings forward the truly human element of connections that most of us are seeking. She has an amazing ability to listen, evaluate your needs, and work with you to establish meaningful relationships. These are relationships that not only help you get your work done, but they are they are personally fulfilling as well. Pam is a master communicator, a strong advocate, and an even better friend.”

Mark DeRuiter, M.B.A., Ph.D., CCC-A/SLP, ASHA Fellow
Director of Graduate Studies and Clinical Programs, University of Minnesota

Scott Schumacher“Pam has the ability to ‘get the whole system in the room’ and is a pro at pulling out the positive in people, asking the right questions, and believing in her clients and colleagues. Even when assisting in the progress of her web site, I found Pam to be a creative and rich collaborator. She has the ability to listen deeply and draw out more questions and more inquiry that can propel creative process as well as ground it in a spirit of heart. I can see why she is in such high demand as a speaker, coach, and business consultant.”

Scott Schumacher, Coach and Consultant,

I am grateful Pam recognized I needed help in ministering to others. “Whatever you need I am ready to do”, says Pam. Pam is a very passionate “Intentional Disciple”. I look forward to her counseling.”

Katie Christensen, Pastoral Associate, St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, Incline Village, Nevada

“I think what made Pam’s Miracle Ear® women’s workshops successful, is that we did talk about all aspects of our lives; e.g. work, families, relationships, etc. I remember quite a few tears. I remember many, many women giving testimony as to the role their faith had in their lives. I don’t remember exactly how she brought us to this point, but I remember something about what gave us hope, what created angst…We did not need any leading to bring in our faith – it came naturally when we talked about hope.”

Paula Cain, President/Owner, Hearing Aid Consultants, Inc.

“I had the pleasure of working with Pam at Miracle Ear®. Pam, as Senior Director of Franchise Operations, excelled in listening carefully to what her customers needed and then successfully delivered results to them. As President of Connecting Resources LLC, Pam has strong beliefs about respecting individuals with whom she works. This enables her to help her customers realize their potential. I heartily recommend Pam’s services.”

Bob Wabler, President, Amplifon USA

“I thoroughly enjoyed Pam’s presentation on teambuilding. Pam has exceptional interpersonal skills. She was able to read between the lines, interpret the real issues of our team and create solutions. I look forward to attending another seminar she conducts.”

Jan. S. M.S., CCC – A, Unitron

“As Chief Operating Officer of Firstaff, I was one of the first executives to interview Pam Pech for a management position within our firm. Being a well-established organization with a highly tenured staff of professionals, we had not previously considered hiring management from the outside. Pam brought to Firstaff not only the requisite knowledge and experience we needed but strong leadership skills as well. She was able to gain the support and “buy-in” for our new initiatives from our existing, cohesive, dynamic team who were initially somewhat skeptical about our new direction. For her to accomplish this as an “outsider” speaks directly to Pam’s ability to empathize, listen, and address concerns, and building trusting relationships at all levels of our organization. In no area was this more pronounced than within our management team.”

Terrence J. Petra, CPC, CTS, CIPC, President,
Professional Services Consultants

“I have known Pam Pech for more than 10 years and we have collaborated on numerous workshops over the years. Pam’s keen sense of how to run a successful business always makes the workshop more practical to the attendees because of her involvement. Her inclusive style of presentation allows everyone to fully participate in the learning experience. When it comes to creating and delivering an effective, relevant, professional business seminar or workshop you cannot do better than Pam.”

Brian Taylor, AuD. Senior Director, Clinical Affairs, Turtle Beach,
Adjunct Professor,A.T. Still Univ of Arizona School of Health Sciences

“I really enjoyed chatting with you on Thursday. I left feeling inspired and hopeful. You truly have a gift! I think I have decided to take the job with personal care products. I am ready to get settled with a paycheck so I can focus on dedicating some time to the things I am really passionate about. Out chat helped me realize that my job does not have to be everything – just a means toward the future.”

Roxanne C.

Sister -  a singing group from Minnesota

Sister – a singing group from Minnesota

“Pam Pech has been a key to Sister’s (music group) in two ways. Her very person is aligned with coaching because she is innately intuitive, a great listener, a thoughtful processor and a confident yet humble advisor and guide. She has finely tuned her innate gifts and is able to read situations, conversations and people concisely and with great accuracy. Secondly, Pam is passionate about connecting people and is always creating the space for ideas, people and solutions to come together to make great things happen. Sister has benefited countless times from the genius of Pam Pech!”

Kjersten Dysthe, Alisa Leonard, and Kara Millerhagen of Sister

“Pam is gifted in connecting resources with those who need them. Recently Pam and I collaborated in the formation of an employment networking group for our church. Pam brings a wealth of experience, connections and resources to the table. Pam sincerely cares in helping people with employment training, resume assistance, connecting people with other employment resources. I highly recommend Pam and her Connecting Resources business.”

Andrew Ronchak, Owner, Green Leaf Corporation

“Pam, your business name surely covers what you are good at!”

Thomas Ardolf, President, Cybermation, Inc.

“I wanted to thank you for the business development seminar. I think it was the most valuable seminar I have attended! Pam was so good. I got so many great, useful ideas that I am implementing now. I actually came into the office on Saturday because I couldn’t wait to get started.”

Julia Ahlquist Tanner, AuD. The Hearing Solution, Inc

“By partnering with various other companies, people, organizations and community groups, Pam shows you can get more accomplished for hearing-challenged people. I hope I know my customers (hearing clinic owners) and they were excited about the programs Pam presented and the content was super! I know they never even thought about the sources that she brought to mind. Thanks again to Pam for her passion on the materials and the passion to drive results. Our customers walked out with a plan, how to implement, and the reassurance of support through the process.”

Andy C., Unitron Account Executive

“Pam is one of my top ten people I have known and worked with in my nearly 45 years of work and professional life. She is one of those folks you love to collaborate with. She is a great coach and teacher because she is honest, smart, and talented in the communication of complex ideas. She has a genuinely happy outlook on life and work and people in all settings.”

Jack Staudt, President, Affinity Staffing Group

“These workshops (Women’s Leadership) really made me think of who I am and what I can really accomplish.”

Cheryl, Women’s Leadership Workshop Participant

“You have been wonderful to work with and very helpful in connecting me with people who have information about prospective employers I had been considering.”

Vicki L, Career Coaching Participant

“I first met Pam during my work with Amplifon as a marketing resource to her franchisees. Energetic, creative and professional, Pam provided me with a great example of women in leadership positions as I was beginning to grow in my own career. I would recommend Pam as a positive and productive member of any team and a mentor for young women in leadership.”

Elizabeth Grant, Marketing Manager, Amplifon

“It was my special privilege to be invited to Pam’s first seminar for Miracle Ear® Women in the Franchise System. From the start, Pam had a keen eye to help develop the women in our franchisee system to become smarter, more confident and better communicators. She continued to present exceptional programs each year geared to improving our female franchisees in business but also as women and role models for those who would follow us.

I know Pam Pech to be an ethical, honest, sensitive woman, totally accountable to the task she undertakes. If Pam takes on a project, you can expect exceptional results. More importantly, the results will come from a cooperative effort that includes the best ideas for the greatest good.”

Joyce Hill-Cooley, RN, BC_HIS, COHC, Miracle Ear® Franchisee